TomCloud Solutions

TomCloud is built for enterprises looking for higher performance, lower costs and easier cloud migration for their existing on-premises applications. TomCloud can be used to build a scalable infrastructure at a lower cost, deploy new applications instantly, and scale-up workload based on demand

Application modernization

Unlock your core applications and harness cloud-native development to become a nimble market competitor

Backup and disaster recovery

Be ready with a continuity plan that includes cloud backup and disaster recovery for critical IT systems

Cloud native

Accelerate the delivery of modern apps with TomCloud’s cloud-native architectures, practices, and technologies


Redefine software innovation with TomCloud’s new DevOps tools and methodologies

Hosting services

Deploy solutions faster, more securely at a much lower opex using TomCloud at scale

Edge computing

Automate operations, improve experiences, and enhance safety measures

Hybrid cloud

Design monitoring and management elements deep into infrastructures, clouds, and applications


Allocate, scale, and shrink your compute, network, storage, and security resources on demand


Quickly connect vital data streams to the latest and most valuable SaaS applications


Dedicated, single-tenant, private virtual servers are available on TomCloud


Ensure your SAP workloads are secure and available any time you need them


Move and modernize VMware workloads from on-premises to TomCloud

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